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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Things

I was having a kind of annoying day when I got home today and I had two things waiting for me from fellow bloggers.

The first was this lovely postcard, sent to me by the equally lovely Becca, for no other reason than she had beautiful postcards and wanted to mail them out to people who would enjoy them. Thank you Becca!

The second thing I first saw when I was scrolling through my Google Reader. My name, mentioned on Aaron's blog (That's The Book). It turns out that my comment on his blog was comment #500 and he has a prize ready for the person who left comment #500. Better yet, the prize is a book I had already been coveting from his recent review. So thank you Aaron for Ghost World!

Seriously, this was a good day for me to get some encouragement. Thank you to all!


Melody said...

Mails do cheers us up, no matter whatever the occasion is, isn't it? That's so sweet of Becca!

Congrats on winning the book! Definitely looks like a good day to me! ;)

Alyce said...

How nice that you had such nice surprises waiting for you. I love days like that!

Eva said...

I'm so glad things perked up for you! That's a beautiful postcard. :)

Michelle said...

The blogging community is so wonderful! Mail always cheers me up as well.

Alice Teh said...

That's very nice, Kim! I'm so happy to hear that these two surprises perked you up. The blogger community is really great!

Nymeth said...

Bloggers make my day on a regular basis :) I'm so glad you got something that cheered you up.

Amanda said...

So sweet! I love that postcard too.

Debi said...

Well, I'm sorry you had a crappy day, but I'm so glad it improved so delightfully!