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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hour 13ish

Blogged? Very, very little
Visited? 62 blogs
Read? Absolutely nothing so far
Challenged? OH YES. Participated so far in Love Your Library Mini-Challenge and Books to TV Crossover Minichallenge
Random observations of the hour:
Methinks I need an alcholic drink to celebrate my accomplishment of visiting and commenting on 62 blogs in the past few hours. And something un-Read-a-Thon related. And I need to actually read something. Be back soon!


Trish said...

I need some alcohol! :P But that would put me right to sleep.

Lightheaded said...

Oops, I haven't participated in any of the challenges. Hahaha! Maybe in a bit :)

Debi said...

Oh Kim, have a drink for me, too, would you? If I had one right now, I'd be out like a light...and it's not even that late yet. Yikes.