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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heat Lightning

Heat Lightning by John Sandord
Reason for Reading: Friend's recommendation
Rating: 3/5

I figure it's about time to post another review and I feel wholly inadequate to review The Book Thief today, so I'm going to review this book instead. Hailing from the literary genus murderous mysteriosius, it is a quick whodunnit starring John Sandford's Virgil Flowers. A man winds up dead next to a veteran's monument in Stillwater, MN with a lemon in his mouth and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension detective Virgil Flowers is out to find out who's behind it.

I'm not much of a mystery reader, even less so of police procedurals. Wooden characters, overly witty banter and head-scratching twists and turns tend to turn me off. However, I did read through this one rather quickly for two reasons:

1. It was set in Minnesota, my home state. It was fun knowing all of the places discussed in the book.

2. I thought I might have figured out the mystery and I wanted to know if I was right (I was). For some people, it might be annoying to figure out quickly during the book what's going on, but it made me feel smart.

Should I read it? This book wasn't really my thing, but if you are a fan of police procedurals, you will probably enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

I like such books once in a while.they are great fillers. They are refreshing and quick reads :)

I loved the book thief. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Letters on Pages said...

I love John Sanford AND Lucas Davenport. I am a sucker for detective mystery novels with running characters (like Alex Delware, Harry Bosch & Jack Reacher!)

Also...I agree it is a lot of fun to read something that takes place in a city where you are. In college I read a Jeffery Archer book that took place in Columbus, OH. It was fun to be able to picture exactly what he was talking about.