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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

I joined a bunch of reading challenges and kind of sucked at completing them. But you know, then I join another one. Because, well, I'm a glutton for punishment.

I don't have a list. Not even close. But I'm joining anyhow. Got any good recommendations?


Eva said...

Right now I'm totally trying to resist a couple of challenges again! hehe

When I did my post for this one, I went through all of the pools everyone had up at the time and picked my favourites and made an annotated list. It might help you. And I have like five of my favourite fantasy books listed in the same post, higher up. :)

Nymeth said...

Are you sure you want me to get started? Because I'd never shut up :P

mariel said...

I second Nymeth's comment! Enjoy the challenge!

Seachanges said...

I've given up on challenges... my own list tends to grow beyond manageability anyway! And then, half the time I stumble across books recommended by fellow bloggers, by reviewers in newspapers, or I simply wander through a bookshop and inevitably end up with more books than I'll be able to read over the whole of next year..... Just enjoy!

Trish said...

I have to laugh at Nymeth's comment--she's the one that got me started with my list last year. I'm really enjoying the Discworld books so far--definitely my favorite fantasy discovery so far.

Vasilly said...

Nymeth's right. You get us started and we're not going to finish. Nymeth, Chris, and Carl are the reasons why I even bother with lists.

Kim L said...

eva-yeah, except resistance is usually futile, right? And thank you for the list!


mariel-I will, thanks!

seachanges-I kind of suck at challenges, but yet I keep signing up for them... yeah.

trish-yeah, thanks to bloggers, I got started on Neil Gaiman last year and fell in literary love. Sigh.

vasilly-so true!

Rhinoa said...

Where to even begin...! Glad you signed up, I am sure you have many great books in your home just waiting for an excuse to be read for this.